The Copier Extravaganza was created in 1995 as a response to the high cost of copiers and office supplies.

We felt that there would be opportunities for a start up retail copier company that offered low cost alternatives to small businesses and we were correct.

In 2002, Copier Extravaganza was incorporated. We saw the potential of the multifunctional copier industry so we included all of the major top copier manufacturers into our lineup.

Copier Extravaganza now serves two distinct markets; the small businesses that requires the right copier and business people that need a professional document management service. As time has passed, the crossover between the two markets has increased substantially to the point where many customers from both markets call on us to help them grow their business.

Copier Extravaganza is well positioned for future growth in the imaging industry, and looks forward to the many challenges and further changes to come.

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